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ESOP modelling

A calculator to help you visualise different scenarios involving creating your ESOP and granting options to your team.
Step 1.
Tell us about your existing cap table
Enter in the sum of all the shares that your company has issued to your founders and any other team members or investors.
Existing issued shares
Clara recommends that you have at least 1,000,000 issued shares when you create a new ESOP so that each individual share is a small enough denomination to give you flexibility when you grant options as your company grows.

With 1,000,000 issued shares, each individual share is worth 0.0001% of your company.

With 1,000,000 issued shares, each individual share would be worth 0.0001% of your company which is the industry standard.

Depending on your jurisdiction, Clara may be able to help you modify the number of issued shares your company has without changing your ownership structure.
Total issued shares for ESOP modelling: 1,000,000
Step 2.
Create the reserved shares for your ESOP
To create your ESOP, your company will reserve new shares for the plan. This is the total number of options that can be given to your team members. You can set this by either entering the number of reserved shares you want to create or by entering in what percentage of your overall cap table you want the ESOP to be after it is created.
New reserved shares for ESOP
ESOP percentage of cap table
Total existing and reserved shares after ESOP creation: 1,111,111
When you create this ESOP, your company will reserve 111,111 new shares for it. This means that your existing 1,000,000 shares will now make up 90.00% of your cap table. Each share of your company will be 0.0001% of your company.
Step 3.
Estimate the value of your company
By estimating the current value of your company, you will be able to determine the approximate value of the option grants that you will be giving your team members.
Estimated company valuation
With an estimated value of USD 100,000,00, each of your company's shares is worth approximately USD 9.00.
Step 4.
Create your option grants for your team members
Use the "Add" and "Delete" buttons to list all of your proposed option grants to see how much of the company each team member will receive.
Option grants (2)
Team member
% of option plan
% of company
Estimated value
Existing issued shares
USD 9,000,000.90
ESOP unallocated reserved shares
USD 549,999.05
USD 270,000.03
USD 180,000.02
USD 10,000,000.00
Your option plan has 61,111 unissued options left that are available to grant.
Step 5.
Create individual vesting schedules
Use Clara's free vesting calculator to model the vesting schedules of each team members' option grant.